As we dive head first into 2014, it’s nice to look back and honor the great work of local government. Government Technology has honored and showcased the best and brightest public sector IT organizations. We’re pleased to announce that CitySourced was the largest represented mobile citizen engagement platform, with four CitySourced clients winning.

2013 Digital Cities Winners Announced

Image courtesy of E.REPUBLIC/DAVID KIDD

The award winners were divided into categories based on the populations served. Because the CitySourced platform scales to any size municipality, CitySourced was represented in the largest all the way down to the smallest population categories. Here are the CitySourced clients winning 2013 Digital Cities Awards:

250,000 or more population:

  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA

125,000 – 249,999 population

  • Salt Lake City, UT

Less than 75,000 population:

  • Marana, Ariz.

Please join us in congratulating these amazing cities for their hard work!