City Hall Selfie Day is all about celebrating public service in a fun, modern way. Plus, it is easy to participate. All you have to do on August 15th is:

  1. Gather in front of a City or County public building
  2. Hold your phone (or selfie stick for advanced users!) 🤳
  3. Snap a pic of yourself and share!
  4. Make sure you tag @CityHallSelfie and use the hashtag #CityHallSelfie

In addition to joining into the fun, the cool kids at ELGL are giving away wonderful prizes in some amazing categories:

  • Most Creative #CityHallSelfie
  • Best Dressed #CityHallSelfie
  • Most People in the #CityHallSelfie
  • Most Selfies Taken by One Person on #CityHallSelfie Day
  • …many more

Need Inspiration?

Here are some past entries that might help you get the creative juices flowing! Use your creativity, go big, and most importantly have fun!

1) Can you say drone?!

Roanoke won most creative last year with a drone and grabbing as many people as they could for their #CityHallSelfie. Be inspired, invite your friends and family to your City Hall and see how much fun #CityHallSelfie day can be for you!!

2) Rooftop Access?

Can you see your City Hall from a neighboring building rooftop? Safety first, but check out this neat idea of an awesome selfie that could win you an award this year.

3) Use a prop!

There is nothing in the rules — heck there are no rules — that say you can’t use a prop. Fort Worth Citizen Michael Vega used a horse and won Best Use of #CityHallSelfie Props . Imagine what other props you could use… what if you drove a plane and the #CityHallSelfie was you in the plane and the City Hall in the background? How Awesome would that be?— You’d win for sure!

4) Don’t Wait – Get Social and tell your Citizens

Don’t be scared to tell everyone that they need to get out and get creative, sure you can send an email but #CityHallSelfie is about being social and sharing your City Hall with everyone in #localgov

5) Not Just Front Doors

Show us whats awesome inside your City Hall too. Mark Green from Lee Summit had an impressive conversation with a man of history and won the most historic #CityHallSelfie award

Still Need More Help?

Because good artists copy and great artists steal, ELGL and team have put together a list of past winners. Also, your organization can grab ideas from this Media Kit to help you share with your citizens. Get advice directly from last year’s winners.

Follow these steps below and you’ll be good to go!