Project management is the process and activity of planning and organizing resources to achieve specific goals. How can this make a difference in your agency? How could it not make a difference in your agency?

Properly managing projects is the essential component that separates a great agency from a bad one. The best way to have a successful project is the plan properly. Project management starts with the planning stage.

You’ll want to put plans in place at the beginning of your project so you can determine what your final outcome will be, what you need to get there, what resources are necessary, how much time will it take, and the costs associated with this.

You’ll want to keep all of these factors in mind when hiring a technology solution Partner. Make sure you’re outlining your expectations.

Staying on schedule

The most significant thing that project management does is it helps you stay on schedule with what you’re looking to accomplish. This has been an underlying trend in this guide. If your residents expect you to address their concerns in a timely manner, then staying on track is one of the most important goals to achieve.

When you have limited time and resources, you’ll want to break each job down into small steps to make sure that there are no bottlenecks in the process.

Tracking expenses

As a local government agency, you’ll want to keep track of all your expenses so you can explain where the money is going. When you’re limited on funds, every dollar counts, and having a project management plan in place will ensure that you keep track of the money going in so you stay on budget at all times.

Control over the outcome

When you have goals and milestones to reach, you’ll be able to easily absorb the task so you can reach that goal easier. Every step should have a clear roadmap that moves you from one to the other.

For example, if your goal is to renovate a dilapidated public park and add a splash pad, your agency should have clear goals and milestones to reach to achieve that outcome. Proper project management will help you reach those goals and make sure that you stay on track towards your desired outcome.

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