In partnership with the Central Government of Panamá, CitySourced has launched a new smartphone application which allows residents to identify and report non-emergency civic issues, such as public works, quality of life, and environmental issues. As an innovator in the region, Panama is the only Latin American country to offer a single, centralized point of contact for residents. The mobile app builds on this tradition and will serve over 3.6M residents country-wide.

As the only mobile service request product to offer completely native mobile apps across all major platforms, the residents will have access to the app on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. In addition, the app is completely localized to Spanish, English and the other languages spoken locally.

Movil 311 iPhone
Until now, residents could complain calling 311 or using the web. Now, we are the only Latin American country centralized to a single point of contact (with 88 institutions incorporated into the system) that’s responsive (97% satisfactory completion rate) and is now accessible via App for the citizen to receive status updates and government news automatically, as well as provide better data like geo-location and media to the government. – Rodolfo Caballero Rivera, National Director of Citizen Service/311 Center

Using ‘311 MÓVIL’ (Mobile 311) allows the city to use technology to save time and money, while improving accountability. All new issues generated by the app are automatically routed to Microsoft Dynamics CRM already in use to track service requests. In addition, the application verifies that the item being reported is within the city boundaries. If there is a graffiti report, for instance, outside the city boundaries, the GPS tracking service from the device the sender is using will identify the location of the issue being reported and notify the sender.

‘Movil 311’ app allows a user to capture a photo, video, or audio of the problem. The user then uploads the media and, along with GPS location information pulled directly from the device, submits a report directly to the appropriate department. Once a report is submitted, feedback is provided to the user based on the action taken by the department handling the report.

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