The 500,000+ residents in the City of Gold Coast will now be able to report a civic issue in the city from anywhere, at any time of the day. Simply open a report, take a photo and submit. It’s that easy.

When you submit the report, the photo along with its GPS location will instantly be sent to City of Gold Coast. Once the issue has been logged, City officers will arrange to remove, fix, maintain or respond to your report as required.

You can report graffiti, with more services to follow. There are many other great features including real time feedback and the ability to view the other jobs logged in the area at the same time.

Using ‘City of Gold Coast’ app allows the city to use technology to save time and money, while improving accountability. In addition, the application verifies that the item being reported is within the city boundaries. If there is a pothole, for instance, outside the city boundaries, the GPS tracking service from the device the sender is using will identify the location of the issue being reported and notify the sender.

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