(Jan. 31, 2012)— City and County of Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle today announced the launch of “Honolulu 311,” a new system through which the public may use personal smart phones to report abandoned vehicles, broken street lights, illegal dumping and other issues. Rock Solid (previously CitySourced) developed and launched the mobile app for Honolulu.

Carlisle also announced that three fellows from the nonprofit Code for America organization have joined the City for five weeks to help us better connect with the public.

“The Honolulu 311 system will help Honolulu become a lean, clean, smart city through the use of technology,” Carlisle said. “This is one of the goals this administration had envisioned to make city government more user-friendly.”

Besides encouraging the public to help alert City officials about ongoing issues, Honolulu 311 also allows people to submit photographs illustrating these situations, and can pinpoint their locations using smartphone GPS.

Honolulu 311 was activated today, and can be utilized by downloading the app from the app marketplace on a particular smart phone by typing in “Honolulu 311.” The app is available on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Rock Solid developed the ‘Honolulu 311’ app in order to help the city and county increase civic engagement.

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The launch of the app comes after the City held a successful “Hackathon” conference two weeks ago. The City’s Department of Information Technology is continuing to develop some of the best applications for implementation later this year.

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