It looks like the cap on the bp oil well is going to work, however that doesn’t mean the gulf oil spill cleanup is over. It’s estimated that there is going to be oil washing on the shore for months. We are glad to be working with Skytruth documenting the oil spill with Android and iPhones. Recently Jack Johnson who has been promoting gulf awareness got involved with us and has been promoting us at his concerts in the region.

“Johnson is also encouraging his Gulf Coast fans to report the oil spill impacts that they witness first hand. All At Once non-profit partners Ocean Conservancy and Surfrider Foundation have collaborated with Rock Solid (previously CitySourced) to develop the SkyTruth Oil Spill Reporter — a free smart phone application that empowers Gulf Coast residents to snap and tag photos of oil on the land, in the water, and affected wildlife. These citizen reports help prioritize clean-up efforts and document the extent of the spill for policy makers and the public.”