Shayne Gallo, Mayor of the City of Kingston, to host ‘Download Day’ unveiling of Smartphone app that improves city quality of life. The app, built by Rock Solid (previously CitySourced), allows residents to easily report quality of life issues such as park vandalism, trash and environmental hazards and for these smart reports (including photo & GPS location) to be automatically sent to City Hall for systematic and prioritized resolution.

Every day, each of our city departments receives calls from concerned citizens regarding quality of life issues in and around their home, business or local park, and I understand the importance of being accountable and able to rapidly respond to constituent concerns before they escalate into larger problems. The quicker we can respond to quality of life issues the less frequently it occurs, which saves taxpayer dollars while also reducing the amount of time it takes for staff to manually report these issues – Mayor Gallo

Beginning May of 2014, the City of Kingston will launch Kingston Report It!, a new online and mobile service request system. Kingston Report It! allows residents to identify environmental and quality of life issues and report those service requests directly to the City of Kingston. Residents can upload a photo or video of the concern and mark the geographic location on a map. Each request is provided a unique trackiKingston Mobile App Screenng number so the user is able to see when action is taken.

In addition to the submitting and tracking service requests, Kingston Report It! also has a unique feature that provides a city news and event feed for City of Kingston.
A smartphone is not required in order to use Kingston Report It!, as service requests can also be made online using Kingston Report It!
The next time you see an environmental issue or any other concern, just Report It.

Download it for free today!

  1. See an issue.
  2. Snap a photo.
  3. Select the location.
  4. Select issue from list.
  5. Submit it.

Being able to utilize your mobile device to relay quality of life and environmental issues to the correct City Department is an important tool in safeguarding our environment, said Steve Noble, the project manager and environmental educator for the City of Kingston Parks and Recreation Department. Users will be able to allow Kingston to better identify and track frequent flooding near catch basins, blocked culverts, as well as illicit discharges (pollution) and other important environmental hazards all while mapping this data in our developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database.

This application is available for free download for most smartphone platforms and is also available on the City of Kingston website. The app was built with funding from the New York State Hudson River Estuary Program.

This project aligns with the Mayor’s efforts to improve citizen communication through our soon to be updated website and increased use of our social media platforms. This project will also allow direct communication with each and every user which will be utilized to distribute important information via text message in a timely manner. – Kyle McIntosh, IT Director

An unveiling event will be held at Kingston City Hall on June 5 at 10:30am. It will feature elected officials, along with other city staff members and a product demonstration will take place.