Our mission here at Rock Solid is to build an amazing mobile platform for government, and as a result, our focus is heavily skewed towards technology. However, building a great tool for our government customers is really only one step in the process.

Because if the apps we deploy don’t get downloaded and into the hands of the true end users, the local residents, we’ve failed to reach our ultimate goal of driving more civic services. In this post, we’ll demonstrate specific examples of marketers using creative content, social media, and explain why each works in driving awareness. 

Unlike Ray in the Field of Dreams, his motto of “If you build it, he will come.” doesn’t ring true for most citizen engagement efforts. As we work to redefine civic engagement, we understand that building new tools is only one step of the process. All these new civic engagement initiatives, including shifting services to the mobile app, require a sustained marketing effort to drive awareness.

One of the best tools in a Public Communication Department’s pocket is social media, and for years now, local governments have been harnessing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to connect directly with residents. From our early days, we’ve known that social media can be a great tool to help our customers promote their application. Regardless of the channel, visually engaging content has been the backbone of successful content.

Below I would like to highlight a few examples from Facebook created by Spring Lake, North Carolina, a town with a population just over 10,000, located in Cumberland County. In each case, the marketer turned to extremely creative memes to drive the audience to download the app.

Celebrity Mobile App “Endorsements”

We can all pitch our own product, but imagine the impact of an A-list celebrity promoting your work! Unfortunately, the reality is that no government marketing budget is going to include the astronomical cost to cover a celebrity; instead, Spring Lake turns to humor and creativity to deliver a message.

Why it Works?

What is so very clever about the Rihanna and Ellen’s Oscar Selfie examples below is that while the celebrity is what first grabs your attention, the real focus in each image is actually the mobile device itself. The resulting effect is to drive home the real message of promoting app downloads and usage.

…and she will love what's coming. So will you! Download it today!

Posted by Town of Spring Lake on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What? It COULD be true… just in case it is, download the app today!

Posted by Town of Spring Lake on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Harnessing Pop Culture: Star Wars Days (May 4th)

People love pop culture and they love holidays. Both make great content for your social media marketing efforts, and Star Wars Day, May 4th, may be the epicenter of the two.

Why it Works?

Star Wars has been culturally relevant for over 40 years, and as a result, it is recognizable to all. ‘The Force is Strong’ movie quote atop the image instantly pulls the audience into the context, which then sets up the delivery of the app marketing promotion message. Also, the smartphone app is now portrayed as a tool capable of delivering incredible powers in users’ hands!

Known galaxy wide… download it today!

Posted by Town of Spring Lake on Friday, May 5, 2017

Social Media Driving App Downloads

The Town of Spring Lake demonstrates the magic of marketing a civic mobile app on Social Media. By using pop culture and celebrity “endorsements”, the town is able to deliver engaging visual content to help build awareness with residents. What do you think of these marketing techniques?