Our case study about our migration to the Azure Cloud platform is now live at Microsoft.com. Since the case study was published we have published our new site Rock Solid (previously CitySourced), and it’s working great. The added computing power of Windows Azure and the storage of all the image data will help us nimbly scale up to meet the demands of the new site. Behind the scenes we setup a massive number of web crawls to index local governments and we needed some serious horsepower to do this work. Our Chief Architect, Jason Kiesel says, “Without Windows Azure, the database team would have to assemble a massive cluster of computers to run the web crawls. It would be impossible for a small startup to get this kind of computing power and storage. Even with the resources to acquire the number of computers to run the crawls, they would find there would be large amounts of downtime as they ran queries and then waited to refine queries or for new tasks to queue up.”

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