The Reno, Nevada Regional Transportation Commission has teamed up with Rock Solid (previously CitySourced) and Fehr & Peers to create a digital platform for residents to participate in the local planning process. Using both the web and mobile apps, residents can provide feedback and help shape the future of the local living environment.

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) defines the long range planning policies and priorities for the community’s future transportation system. It is the region’s blueprint to maintaining access, mobility and clean air for our community. The RTP is a key tool for preserving our quality-of-life including short, safe commutes, a vibrant economy, and clear, blue skies. Under federal regulations, the RTP must be updated every four years. The current RTP is valid until July, 2013.

The purpose of the plan is to support the vision and guiding principles, which encourage:

  • Safe & healthy communities
  • Economic development & diversification
  • Sustainability
  • Increased travel choices
  • Regional Transportation Plan Goals (Identified by the Working Groups):
  • Follow a community-based planning process
  • Improve safety
  • Integrate all types of transportation
  • Integrate land use & economic development
  • Incorporate sustainable practices & healthy community objectives
  • Manage existing systems efficiently & effectively
  • Promote equity & environmental justice
  • Invest strategically
  • Focus on regional connectivity
  • Improve freight & goods movement

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