One Seamless Government and
Citizen Engagement System

Rock Solid is the citizen engagement platform that ties innovative technologies together, helping citizens and local governments WORK AS ONE.

Constituent Relationship Manager

An Informed View

Get the insight you need to manage workflow and more efficiently engage with your citizens. Rock Solid lets you see how and why your citizens interact with you, and brings your departments together to address their needs.

Case Management | Reporting and Analytics | Workflows and Integrations | Self Service | Omnichannel Engagement

One system; Ensure effective and fast resolution of issues across all citizen-facing departments

One government; A CRM that brings all departments, interactions, and systems together

One picture; A source of truth for guiding more informed budgets and strategic services


A Seamless Experience

Bring your citizens to a single app for all service and information requests—not ten. Rock Solid is one mobile app, and one seamless experience to extend your reach past city hall.

Native Mobile App | Prompt Communication | Customizable Experience | Geo-Notification | Branded Experience


One experience; A citizen engagement app for all requests, interactions, and transactions

One app; Encourage citizen engagement by offering a modern mobile experience

One community; Creating a dialogue between local government and citizens

Who we are; One

  • Work as One

    Unite your existing systems. Drive decisions with a consolidated view of your data. Let citizens reach out from a single application. Rock Solid is the citizen engagement platform that helps citizens and local governments work as one.

  • Focus on Government

    Rock Solid has 25 years of experience helping local governments and other industries across the globe. The result is a purpose-built platform that works in your world, and for your citizens.

  • Dedicated Partner

    We are a partner with local government experience and thought leadership that creates opportunities for your government to innovate and see how others public sector leaders are getting things done. We help you get where you want to be at the right time, with the right solution.

  • One Mission & Vision


    Our mission is to develop technology solutions based on a culture of achievement, innovation, and knowledge for the benefit of our customers, employees and our community.


    Our values are the foundation of who we are. They guide the way we work with our clients, business partners, within our communities and with each other, bringing out the best in our people.

    Leadership  |  Integrity  |  Collaboration  |  Empathy  |  Dedication.

A Trusted Government Technology Partner

We share your vision of building better places to live and providing better experiences for your community. We strive to be your partner in innovation.

  • Choosing Rock Solid to provide a mobile app to our citizens was an easy decision to make. Working with their team was a joy, and all of our expectations were greatly exceeded. Their ability to leverage the features of all the latest mobile devices is one of the best in the industry.
    Brian Stein
    Town of Marana, AZ
  • The Honolulu 311 software solution by Rock Solid has drastically reduced the cost of taking complaints from the public, from $6 per phone call to just over 60 cents. That's a 10x ROI on our investment.
    Gordon Bruce
    City & County of Honolulu, HI
  • Within the first 8 months of launching the Rock Solid OneLink solution, the school system cut its maintenance request processing expenses by 75%.
    Danny Lu
    LA Unified School District
  • We're using Rock Solid's OneLink technology to connect people and our government through smart solutions that improve efficiency, communication and engagement.
    Erick Garcetti
    Los Angeles, CA

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Tie your tech together; work as one

Ready for One

Start building a unified citizen engagement platform that brings all departments into the fold.